How Far Would You Go To Commit To The Bit?


Emily Allgair, Editor

From wearing suits to “Minions: Rise of Gru” to putting on a bald cap at a Mr. Worldwide concert, people commit to the bit all the time. Usually for the memes, but how far is too far? How far would you personally go to commit to the bit? Where would you call it?

My roommates and I were comparing ugly-hot and hot-ugly celebs the other night (possibly a future article) and we were stuck on a specific scenario. If some celebrity who is arguably ugly-hot or ugly-ugly were to come up to you in a bar, how would you go about committing to the bit? Would you at all? This really got me thinking.

This past Saturday, did you commit to any bit? If so, how far did you go? Could you have seen yourself going further? What would have signaled you to call it? I’m sure some of us saw the Tik Tok of the mom who frosted bagels and tried to sell them off as donuts to her kids – boring. That’s barely a bit you can commit to. 

As for continuing the essence of the weekend, please enjoy this edition of the Foollegian, especially considering that each writer and editor absolutely committed to their bits.

via Ceara Grady

I genuinely am interested; if you are one who commits to the bit, please email me at to tell me your committed bits. 

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