Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke: Special Edition: St. Miguel Townhouses, C4, GIANT Bagel


Claire Ortiz and Luke Szyszkiewicz, Staff Writers

via Claire Ortiz

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since we last did a bagel review. This past weekend, we reviewed a bagel, a singular bagel, that was closer to home than any bagel we had ever reviewed before. Closer than Pauline’s, closer than the bagel shops that Luke grew up with. Today, we review a bagel made right in the kitchen of my own home. That’s right, I, Claire Ortiz, with some help from Luke, made a bagel. And not just any bagel, a GIANT bagel. 

Luke’s birthday had just passed, and I decided that what better kind of cake could he have than a bagel cake. He loves nothing more than a bagel. Having done a trial run with my mom over spring break, I felt confident in my bagel-making abilities. I whipped up a bagel larger than anyone has ever seen before, boiled it in the biggest pot I had ever seen, and baked it. And it turned out great. Our friend from New York said it truly tasted “authentic.” I thought it tasted like heaven in bread form. 

Luke loved his bagel cake. He said it was the best thing anyone has ever made for him. The best gift he has ever received. Even better than his own insulin pump. This bagel cake received a 10/5 Gritty’s.

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