Why You Should Go Out This Weekend 


Sophia Conte, Staff Writer

via Visit Philadelphia

The average American checks their phone about 58 times a day, however other surveys suggest the number is just a smidgen higher, about 344 times a day. Either way we should probably get off our phones. Except getting off your phone might entail  very dreadful FOMO, or the fear of missing out. 

Now it’s a Friday night, you need to get off your phone, so the question is what are people doing? And where are the people? Who are the people? A very ambiguous answer: people are out. Going out; people are going out and you should too. Not every night, because then you would be either the kid that dropped out or a pledging freshman to Chi Kappa No-Toilet-Paper-In-The-Bathrooms Kappa whatever. 

Go out in moderation. And meet some of the fraternity brothers, say “hi” to those sorority sisters, most of them are great people enjoying a social scene where college students get together to have rootin tootin good ole time. 

Don’t like frats? Do anything that’s social, on a night where you can forget about homework and school and your ex-girlfriend or that boy that has the personality of a middle school gym teacher. Get sushi in the center city, have game night with friends, and of course chat about whatever drama is plaguing your friend group at said time, etc., etc.  But why do anything over your weekend other than relax on your phone? Again, everything in moderation. 

You probably relax enough as is, since the average screen time on a phone, according to studies, is about three hours. Besides that, there is a time and place for sitting on your phone. It can be every other Friday night, maybe you relax Saturday and Sunday, or maybe you go out once every two months but at least go somewhere other than your rectangular box that knows every detail about your life. Also going out is the easiest to do while in college, in your 20s. 

So, while you’re still young, you should do what you can to enjoy that youth, however, don’t destroy it. Everything in moderation. Now, if you’re thinking when the weekend rolls around, which let’s be reasonable and say Thursday night to Sunday, should I stay in? Absolutely friggin’ not. 

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