Review: “‘Review: ‘The Rehearsal’ Season One’ By: Anthony Pantalone” By: Ethan McGlone


Ethan McGlone, Staff

via IMDb

Anthony Pantalone is a smart man, far smarter than I. This will become evident as you read this article, an article reviewing Mr. Pants’ review of the critically acclaimed television series “The Rehearsal.” He begins his review with “Anxiety can be a prison. One that feels impossible to escape.” This is a valid point, and I understand the underlying meanings in the TV series. Although, when I was watching, I did not even consider this. My first sentence of a review would have been something like this: “Haha, Nathan guy funny. Good show.” This perfectly lays out my opinions on the host, Nathan Fielder, while also expressing my thoughts on the series.. This, however, is quite an advanced move, especially for a college student. After recognizing this flaw in Anthony’s review, it became apparent he never enrolled in the same rigorous courses I have, like “Love, Marriage, and Parenting.”

Later in the review, Mr. Pants compares the tactics used by Nathan as Charlie Kaufman-esque, more specifically his famous work “Synecdoche, New York.” I do not know who Charlie Kaufman is, and I cannot even pronounce “Synecdoche.” I do not have an opinion on this point.

Anthony’s section on the fourth episode of the series was very relatable. I have watched “The Rehearsal” and I would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates comedy. “The Fielder Method” is the pinnacle of the entire series to me, and just when you thought Nathan could not get any more outlandish, he breaks into another man’s home. I would have put a spoiler alert, but if you are reading a review on a review of a television show, I believe it is expected that you have watched the show. Sorry, not sorry.

The last portion of Anthony’s review may be the most accurate piece of writing in the entire article. Nathan is playing a character (hopefully). He is going out of his way to act as insane as possible. But, of course, Nathan somehow surrounded himself with people even crazier than his own character, making him seem like the normal one in most situations. When his response to being told eating poop is a satanic ritual ends up being “Oh, ok,” the audience is left wondering, “What the hell am I watching?”

In summation, Anthony Pantalone is more intellectually competent as a human than I am. Review of his review: 3.5 stars out of 5.

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