Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire: Bagel House: Flourtown, PA


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

via Claire Ortiz

“The bagels are great. The sandwiches leave a little to be desired.”

A sentence given to us many times throughout the week; it did describe it well. This week took us out to Flourtown. Only 20 or so minutes from La Salle, a quick drive into the “burbs” brought us to a cute little Main Street area. Greeted by a cute bagel sign, as well as so many nice customers and workers, we knew we were in for a treat. 

In order to appease some pushback I have received from other members of the Szyszkiewicz family, we have changed our review system. Instead of both ordering a bagel sandwich, instead we will order one bagel with cream cheese and one sandwich, to fully rate the bagel place. The first thing we noticed was the presence of a trendy bagel: the Rainbow bagel. We couldn’t resist. We ordered a cream cheese Rainbow bagel, as well as, of course, a sausage egg and cheese on a poppy bagel: Claire’s favorite. 

Overall, the quote rang true. The bagel itself was delicious, albeit not as big as I would like and didn’t have quite enough seeds. The inside of the sandwich, while filling, was not the best we’ve had. Not a true fried egg, and being slightly picky, orange American cheese. We’re still searching for the perfect bagel-to-filling ratio. 

Overall, we’d give it a 3.25/5 Gritty’s. Not bad for a place we had never heard of before. Thank you to avid reader Brian Murphy for the suggestion!

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