Ranking the hottest players on the Men’s Water Polo team | Foolegian

Foolegian, Satire

An Impartial Judge, Staff

Hey there girlies. The annual hottest player awards are in, and omg you would not believe who is the #1 most totes hottest guy at this school! Let’s begin! 👄💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍💅💅💅💅

10. Ryan Gosling in “Drive”

Drive (2011)

Ryan Gosling is totes hots, yo. He is like super hot and he had a lot of votes from you guys, putting him in the top 10 for the first time in his life. Only specifically in “Drive” though, he is not one of the hottest water polo players on campus outside of “Drive.”

50. Vladimir Putin


Also known as the father of Assistant Coach Veljko Kotorica, Vladimir Putin has constantly been amongst the top three hottest water polo players on campus for some time now. But due to an embarrassing performance in their game against Navy, and invading Ukraine, has dropped to the 50th spot. Not a personal favorite, but I’ll take what I can get. 

67. The entire country of Iraq

Iraq Flag

‘Nuff said 😎

7. Salma Hayeck

Salma Hayek

Simply put: Mommy

5. Josh Delilo 

Truth be told, it was a tie for 1st place so I randomly generated numbers and used it to dictate their position within the list. So the 5th hottest person on the water polo team, the one, the only, THE Josh Delilo.

4. Veljko Kotorica

Despite being an impressive 6’5”, the Serbian candidate couldn’t crack the top four once again. Many attribute this to the yellow water he drinks, but I personally think it is because he is simply too hot to handle. 

3. Tyler Williams

What can be said about this hunka meat that can’t be seen? He is absolutely gorgeous and like totes a hotty. Like totes magoats.

2. Jorden Mcveagh

Simply put: Mommy

1.  David O’Brien 

In its most basic explanation, David O’Brien can be regarded as the ideal human, and the best defensive player in the history of La Salle athletics, nay, collegiate sports. His perfect track record on defense of zero goals allowed in four years constantly keeps O’Brien as the hottest player on the water polo team. 

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