Hot take: listening to Christmas Music = happier 


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Okay. so I love Christmas Music. I listen to any and all versions of the same song over and over again just because it’s Christmas music. I actually have one rule about this type of music: I don’t let myself overdo it during the Christmas season and save the holiday genre for specific listening times. That’s how I keep this group of music held in such high regard, but that’s not what the topic of this article is about. My hot take is: Christmas music, scientifically (I don’t actually know that don’t quote me), makes you happier. No matter when you listen to it, where, what season you’re in, you’re instantly happier. Last year when my dog died, I was only not crying when listening to Christmas music and I cried for the first two weeks of November. I turn on B101 on my drive between classes just to get over the sadness of having yet another class to go to, even if I listen to less than ⅓ of a song. As annoying as it can get when you play Christmas every second from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the moderation of the genre can lead to a quick and easy fix to any emotional turmoil you are having. 

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