Looking for future Cake and Kicks writers


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

As a senior finishing their last fall semester, I gotta start getting all my ducks in a row. Starting with something that literally has nothing to do with my graduation or future, I am looking for new writers for Kicks and Cake! Obviously, I will continue to write for Cake until I graduate in May, which is 100 percent  happening because I need it to, but Kicks needs an editor as of the beginning of the semester. Technically Kicks and Cake are comedy sections, but let’s be real, it’s turned into a Claire ranting section and I am fine with that. As editor, you can bring it back to comedy or satire or whatever you want because you will be the editor. Speaking of becoming an editor, do you know how nice “Editor of the La Salle Collegian” looks on your resume? Pretty okay if you ask me. Look, you don’t have to if you do want to, but I think you want to, so email me and we will get you set up as editor of Kicks or future editor of Cake, kk thanks <3. 


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