Presidential search update


Kylie McGovern, Editor 

          Via La Salle University  

On Dec. 3 La Salle University students received an email from The Presidential Search Committee regarding an update about the search for La Salle University’s 30th President. The Committee members convened just before Thanksgiving because the application period closed. The committee members reviewed application materials for the robust pool of qualified and intriguing candidates. The committee then assessed the candidates based upon the characteristics outlined in the position profile.

 The position profile is available to the public. It refines the group to those that best match such characteristics of the university’s next president. The position profile includes contact information and then explains the following: “La Salle University celebrates its mission, traditions, and identity as a Lasallian, Catholic, and comprehensive liberal arts institution that promotes excellence in teaching and respect for all people, as it seeks its next President. La Salle offers a remarkable leadership opportunity for its next president. With a mission-driven sense of direction and faithfulness to its values, the Board of Trustees is positioning La Salle and the next president to proactively enhance the university’s reputation for excellence and achieve national prominence. The board’s commitment provides important momentum and opportunity for the next president who will provide innovative thought leadership, create a bold and new strategic plan, build community on campus and in the broader Philadelphia area and achieve long-term growth and financial sustainability.” 

Sophomore Luke Szyszkiewicz explains that he is “frustrated about how long the search is taking,” however, he understands that the process of the presidential source should be done “meticulously and thoroughly.” 

These presidential candidates have been invited to an initial round of interviews with the Search Committee that will occur this month. The committee will provide additional updates as the committee’s important work continues.

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