Are you throwing down with your parents during homecoming?


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

This upcoming weekend is La Salle’s wonderful Homecoming celebration. With many events and social activities geared towards parents and alumni, I want to know who is actually inviting their parents here? As a senior, I have never invited my parents or extended family here for Homecoming, simply because I didn’t want to and/or I had plans that didn’t involve my parents needing to be here. I’m sure that some people would love to bring their parents with them to parties or spend the day doing the wonderful events planned by the university. I’m also sure that there are twice as many of you that didn’t know your parents were coming until one of them called and asked what time they should arrive on campus for the day. As someone who has fun parents who would be fine in any type of Homecoming situation and still doesn’t tell them to come to Homecoming, I do wonder how other people deal with this issue. Please tell me your Homecoming horror stories! Email me bruvs

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