Stop it with the cats.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Cats are very common within cities, especially around La Salle. Now cats, while in most cases are meant to be in homes, can also become feral, this means that it is an outdoor cat. The cat has adapted to living outside and does not want human contact or to be handled by humans, but if you give it food it will eat it. There are many kittens running around campus this year, which they’re cute as shit, but most likely the kittens are born from at least one other feral cat. What I’m getting at is these kittens are not 100% feral, but have the innate behaviors of feral cats; being aggressive, not wanting to be handled, hiding, etc., and will probably not make great house cats. I respect the drip. I was very close to snatching one up myself, but cats are not like that. Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure there have been many cats picked up by humans on the street and domesticated. I have had cats that were strays that we domesticated as kittens, one of them was amazing, rest in peace Boo, but the other one was a dick, rip Bitzy. If you’re thinking of snatching a cat off the street, just remember that they might not want you to do that at all. 

P.S. every animal that comes off the street needs to go to the vet and probably has fleas ❤

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