Why does this semester suck?


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Since the first week of classes, there has been just shit thrown at everyone coming from all angles. I mean, yes, this is the first semester back after the pandemic, but WTF this shouldn’t be this messed up. School isn’t even the hardest part of the semester or the part causing the most issues, at least for me. Thinking about classes and work is a stressor, but it by no means is causing the issues for the 2021 fall semester like other factors are. There’s increased social issues because we’ve spent two years avoiding everyone else, so now people don’t know how to act in all regards. Mentally the upperclassmen are still freshman and sophomores and the underclassmen are still in high school, so people really are hitting some rough learning curves. On top of school and the stark social difference we have this year compared to the past two years, everything and anything is being thrown at people. Oh, you’ve been socially distant, get really sick during the hardest part of the semester. Oh, so you bought your first car, have fun with it breaking down, getting multiple flats, it getting totaled and/or it just dying. Oh, you need your computer, “Well that’s too damn bad” (name that movie) it’s broken. Oh, you finally moved out of home and got an apartment, well you can either have shitty roommates, shitty neighbors, a roach infestation, a mice infestation or bed bugs, and for some of you special people, you get more than just one of these things. So, we’ve got school and you’re sick and you’ve got a shitty home life. Let’s throw in the fact that you need to save clubs that are gonna die off because of the pandemic. The only saving grace is that the weekend is happening, but wait, you have work and homework and you have to deal with your home issues and all you want to do is sleep. Let’s look at the brightside, we’re one step closer to break and Christmas, BUT THERE’S FUCKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME AND SEASONAL DEPRESSION COMING RIGHT ALONG WITH IT. There are no winners, just people whose life sucks a little less or worse than yours does. Now that you’ve read this article, why don’t you give everyone a little break and realize that just because you don’t know everyone’s business, doesn’t mean they don’t have shit going on. So, maybe don’t complain about the little things 24/7 or push something off on someone else or trauma dump on people who are just trying to eat lunch not alone. If you see me sitting in my car blasting christmas music while eating a cheese stick and crying, no you didn’t. 

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