The serotonin “The Great British Baking Show” gives me


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

There is something about watching a group of British men and women, with their accents and lack of aggression, unlike Americans, bake things in a competition. Amazing. It is all of the intensity and action other cooking competition shows have, but minus the anger and deep rooted anxiety that these shows can cause. The only angry Brit that cooks is Gorden Ramsey, everyone else is chilling and nice and such good sports. What else could you need other than 12 adults making various baked goods for two people who apparently have all the knowledge of baked goods in order to be the winner? Do I know what they win? No, but apparently winning is good enough for hundreds of people to apply every year. I personally use baking as a calm and relaxing tool, much like the contestants, but would cry aggressively if I were judged on it. That’s why I watch and view the struggles from my couch, eating my homemade chocolate chip cookies and vibing with my excess serotonin. 

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