Why do sleep issues always happen Sunday night?


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep. A lot of those sometimes happen on Sunday night when I have four out of my five classes the next day starting at 9:30 a.m.. There is probably a deep rooted psychological reason, but I am neither a psych major nor someone who really wants to deep dive into that. Honestly, it is more likely that my body is starting to stress because of all the work I usually have during the week. I do homework on Sunday night so I am waking myself up and overall I have energy left over from doing nothing all weekend, but I think there’s more to it. As if the universe sends me karma from the week prior and is like “let’s fuck with this bitch realllllll good” as if I need more things to deal with. Am I wrong? Because some weeks I’m chilling Sunday, especially when I’m not struggling the week prior, but it’s the nights where the next day is gonna suck so bad that sleep is never gonna happen. It’s karma for something I did even though logically it probably has to do with real scientific reasons. IDK Mercury is in retrograde and everything is a mess. 

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