I have a question.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Happy Wednesday luvs, I have a story to tell you. A year ago, I took a trip to the lovely Kutztown University to visit my friend, who was being COVID-19 safe, for a bit of separation from my family. SO, we spent some wonderful time catching up and hanging out and doing just as much as you can in the middle of Pennsylvania. Now before I get into the meat of the story, everything was cleaned deeply and we were all aware and consenting to what was happening.

Carrying on, so what you do in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a pandemic, with a bunch of art students is pretty obvious. You give yourself tattoos! My friend’s friend, always a great start to a story, bought a tattoo gun off of Amazon and had been practicing for the past couple of months. After we cleaned and sanitized everything, I might have gotten some big toe tattoos, on my left a smiley face and on my right a sad face. Now it’s been a year and on my left toe there is one eye and half a smile and my right is just eyes. I need to get them redone because they are supreme and I enjoy them, which is where my question comes from, how tf do I do that? Tattoo places have a minimum and I’m not trying to pay $80 for toe tattoos, my friend’s friend has moved away for work and I don’t think it would be smart to buy myself a tattoo gun, I will most likely do something stupid. Lmk what I should do kunzierc1@lasalle.edu.

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