Can La Salle get a bar near campus?


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

As a legal adult in all regards, I wish, I hope, that La Salle gets a student-centered bar on campus once again. I am tired of taking the subway and Ubering home from Center City or Ubering to and from Manayunk. I am not made of money nor do I have the extra effort to put forth. Many years ago, there used to be a bar, The Hideaway, right off of campus that students were very fond of. I have heard stories from alumni of the fact that there was a bar and that it did close for several reasons, but it was an overall fun time. I understand the University not wanting to promote drinking on campus or to create any issues with our North Philly neighbors, but come on, can we at least have one thing? We are in a food desert, with ordering food increasing in price regularly, we don’t have anything truly close to us like other Big 5 schools do. Someone, please, throw us a bone, open a bar and don’t be shady and let underage kids drink. They have frats, us juniors and seniors are aging out of frats and can legally drink, so why not give us a walkable location to do so? It sounds good to me, I don’t know about anyone else, but it definitely would be safer to have one place people can go to decrease the risk of drunk driving or getting kidnapped by an Uber driver. It could definitely increase the value of campus to prospective students and maybe even parents, especially if the bar is nicer. You guys think about it and find me a financial backer and I will get it started for us. 

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