Whose side are you on: TikTok drama


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

When a group of about twenty 16-23-year-olds find fame on an app because they’re pretty and good at doing basic dances, there’s bound to be a lot of drama. When Claire is in a pandemic and can’t do anything, she’s gonna read up on the drama because why not. Recently, TikTok stars Mads Lewis (18), Jaden Hossler (20), Nessa Barrett (19) and Josh Richards (19) are entangled in a dating drama. Lewis and Hossler dated for several months and Barrett and Richards had dated on and off for about two years before both eventually broke up. But, while Barrett and Richards broke up, Barrett tried to scoop Hossler from Lewis, her “best friend,” leading the couple to break up. 

Now, Hossler and Barrett are dating, Richards “doesn’t care” and Lewis is crazy because she cares that her bf basically cheated on her with her friend. Last week, Lewis was on “Call Her Daddy” where she explained her side of the story. Let me tell you, this girl is not crazy because the shit they did is reallllll messed up. If you care, highly suggest listening to it because it filled the little part of my heart that yearns for drama. 

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