“Big Time Rush” was slept on


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

In the late 2000’s – early 2010’s the band Big Time Rush was created to star on Nickelodeon’s new comedy sit-com of the same name. The boy band consisting of Kendall, Carlos, James and Logan were a group of friends from Minnesota who got to live out their dream, but were really four guys thrown together to become Nick’s new group of stars. 

Recently, the series was put on Netflix, which led me to rewatch all four seasons and to remember that their stuff slapped hard. While the band reached lower B level status at the height of their career, they were out-shined by One Direction that started to gain more traction in the middle of their rise to fame. One Direction actually opened for Big Time Rush during one of their tours during 2012, little did they know they would pretty much take their whole possible fanbase. The group mutually called it quits in 2013 and still remain friends today, but we must address that they were actually good. Their live music wasn’t far off from their recorded music and in a recent pandemic reunion, they sang together and it was really good. 

So was Big Time Rush slept on a little too hard? Yes. They were unproblematic dudes in terms of both their show and music and actually were talented in comparison to other artists, cough Dixie D’Amelio cough. While their lives are great now, they should’ve gotten more hype, in my opinion. 

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