Student Government Association to postpone elections until fall 2021


Kylie McGovern

La Salle Student Government Association logo.

On Tuesday, April 20, La Salle University’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced that its elections — which are usually held in the spring — will be postponed until fall 2021. Usually, at the end of a school year, SGA elections are held for various positions. Some of these elected positions are class senators and executive board members. In addition, there are a few offices of SGA that are typically appointed at the end of each school year as well as positions that students apply for, such as the Director of Diversity of Equity and Inclusion.

This announcement regarding the postponed elections was posted on the Instagram account @lasallesga. Like many other organizations on campus, SGA has been in a virtual environment since last year and is being impacted by COVID-19. The elections were ultimately postponed due to COVID-19. The letter posted on Instagram explained: “Due to COVID-19 SGA has decided to postpone elections until the fall 2021 semester. For the rest of the school year and the summer the current non-senior E-board members will continue to hold their positions and prepare for the upcoming year. We feel this change in plan will encourage rest, as well as excitement among students.”  

Elections will be held after the summer and are open to all undergraduate students. Anyone with questions regarding SGA or elections can contact SGA President Isabelle Pope via email at

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