La Salle University sells business building to pay for the Lincoln Financial Field 2021 graduation


Jessie Brain and Claire Kunzier, Editors 

In 2016, Founder’s Hall was opened on the corner of Wister and Olney Avenues only to be sold five years later to pay for the graduations of the classes of 2020 and 2021. The graduation is to take place at the Eagle’s home turf of the Lincoln Financial Field in south Philadelphia, the exact opposite side of the city from La Salle University. This follows a rough year and a half within a global pandemic and everyone losing money, as well as people giving up on their dreams and aspirations. The six story 87,000 square foot facility, equipped with a cafe and auditorium, was sold to former president Donald Trump as he plans to turn it into his own personal fortress so that the Southern District of New York cannot arrest him for tax evasion. 

This decision has come as a shock to many due to its popularity and it being the only building on campus to look good. Senior Michelle Bellosi made this comment about the change: “I mean, I’ll be sad. I used to get my coffee there, but like whatever. GO BIRDS!” Obviously no one is really that sad to see the building go, as it only used to make the University look good and not actually hold real classes. Jack Rohr, a business major, stated, “UHHHH yeahhhh, I mean I’m graduating in the Eagle’s stadium who cares about everyone else? Not me.” The University’s poor financial standing is reflected in their poor financial decisions such as selling things rather than just not building a $35 million dollar building for one major. 

Comments are still waiting for La Salle’s decision to change the Union Starbucks into a Long John Silvers to accommodate for Lent. These changes reflect the mentality of the University and the new president’s values as we come to the end of the Spring semester of 2021.

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