Changes to B&G’s menu


Jessie Brain, Editor

April 1, 2021

La Salle’s beloved Blue and Gold dining hall will be changing up its menu for April Fool’s day. Aramark, the food distributor for La Salle, has decided to give B&G a day off of using their food, allowing the dining hall to create whatever menu they want. Naturally, they have taken inspiration from what was trending on Twitter last week, by adding “Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp” to their menu for Thursday night. McDonald’s has teamed up with La Salle for the night and is providing McRibs to be served, as the local McDonald’s has not sold enough in the past couple of weeks and needs to get rid of them. 

For the vegetarian option, an anonymous source stated that “we don’t know how to make any good vegetarian options, so we will just be serving broccoli to the non-meat-eating students.” Unfortunately, B&G’s budget only allowed them to supply two drinks for the night, which will be the newly controversial marshmallow Pepsi (which should have been branded as Peepsi, but Pepsi missed that opportunity) and Doritos flavored Mountain Dew. Finally, dessert will be Jell-O salad consisting of all the leftovers from the previous two weeks that B&G didn’t want to throw out because it would be considered “wasteful.” 

The University has also closed down any other on-campus food options for the night, so all students who wish to have the University provide dinner for them on Thursday night must eat at B&G. Enjoy your meal, I guess…

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