Philadelphia cuts off La Salle’s power for two weeks for breaking Lent and serving meat at BnG on a Friday


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

While the city of Philadelphia does not have a religious affiliation and is accepting of all, they are holding La Salle University to a high standard when it comes to the Lenten season. Recently, images have leaked showing several Christian Brothers consuming meat on Fridays and BnG has continued to serve meat-based meals during Lent. As punishment for the Christian University breaking the holy rules, Philadelphia has shut off the power to the University for two weeks. The city has yet to explain why La Salle was specifically punished out of all of the Christian affiliated schools within Philadelphia, but in this statement from the city it states “La Salle is one of the older schools within the city and has to be a model for the rest of the younger universities.” The University has yet to comment about their actions, for they are a true middle child of the Philadelphia schools. 

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