BUS 200: Business Professionalism & Career Preparation professors being replaced by Artificial intelligence


Beginning in the Fall semester of 2023, La Salle University’s Business school will begin its pilot program of replacing professors with Artificial intelligence. As defined by Tech Target artificial intelligence is “simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.” Many universities are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their professors, so some are doing away with them entirely. La Salle is a trailblazer in this operation of using AI to replace professors. 

BUS 200: Business Professionalism & Career Preparation is the perfect course to pilot AI considering the main focus of the class is how to use LinkedIn and shake hands. Considering this class teaches students how to be corporate bots, it is innovative that they learn from the best bots we have, AI. The AI will teach students how to make resumes, comment on LinkedIn and how to dress for an interview. 

With the addition of AI professors this opens up the opportunity for human professors to instruct new classes like 5th grade mathematics, the importance of greed and exploitation. AI also offers the option to fire experts in their fields to save a buck!  La Salle continues to be a front runner in business and technology with this new format of instruction. 

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