Guilty Pleasures


Emily Allgair, Editor

What is a guilty pleasure? By my definition, guilty pleasures are things, activities, etc. that bring people joy, but also a sense of shame at the same time. But what’s the big deal about guilty pleasures, anyways? It’s all societal, so what if you like to take selfies, listen to old Justin Bieber or stalk your crush on Instagram? Everyone does it…

I think we should break the stigma surrounding “guilty pleasures” and just call them “pleasures” (maybe not “pleasures,” that sounds kind of weird, but you know what I mean). What’s the point of making people feel embarrassed for, honestly, mundane things that bring them little pieces of joy? Life is crazy enough without having to hide the fact that you think that “What Does the Fox Say?” is one of the most lyrically intelligent songs of our generation, so why get embarrassed?

So the next time you’re cooking or putting on makeup and you start narrating your actions to your non-existent YouTube channel subscribers, don’t stop when someone enters the room. Make it a collab. Give their channel a shoutout. Own what you like and don’t shame people for liking stuff that you don’t. It makes life just a little bit better, and who doesn’t want that?

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