Mystery Man was the Life of the Party This Past Weekend


Ethan McGlone, Staff

(via Ethan McGlone)

La Salle University – Wow! If you guys were sleeping under a rock all weekend then you probably have not heard of Dan Frunphy. This newcomer struck onto the scene this past weekend, and he did not look back. From dancing to Rihanna all the way to flirting with basketball superstar Khalil Brantley (and his NFT), Dan stole the hearts of everyone in attendance at the Alpha Sugma Kappa party. A man of culture, Dan even respectfully paid his $5 at the door without starting a fight. The men’s soccer team was not impressed. 

We sat down with the president of Alpha Sugma Kappa to discuss the rise of this young phenom. “The dude is like 70. I don’t know how the hell he got into the party,” Chad Chaddington begrudgingly stated. Seventy years old or not, no one at the party could tell that Dan’s hips were replacements. Needless to say, his hips told the truth all night long. Sources tell us that Dan ended up puking in the bathroom at the end of the night, but this seems like a slanderous comment from a jealous party. From The Collegian newspaper, this is Ethan McGlone reporting.

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