An Anti-Love Letter to SZA


Emily Allgair, Editor


I have loved you ever since I was introduced to “Ctrl” my junior year of high school. That album got me through a lot and since then has become one of my favorites, so for that I thank you.

I now, however, wish to take back that thanks as you canceled Thursday’s show of your SOS tour in Philly. This made me oh so sad. Enough, not to write a hate letter, just an anti-love letter. 

This is a busy time for most college students, so amid the chaos of midterms and preparation for spring break (for me, that means a trip to Vietnam via travel study), I was looking forward to your concert, as it represented a night of entertainment rather than stress. 

To further my excitement, one of my best friends from high school was visiting me all the way from the nation’s capital to watch you perform – and we were so excited. But alas, just before ten the morning of the concert, you announced its postponement (with no explanation, although fans have speculated that you were too tired from your excursion in LA the previous night. Okay?? You can always win Billboard’s Woman of the Year, but I can’t always see you at Wells Fargo Center…)

Needless to say, my friend and I were heartbroken. But wait, it gets worse. Not only did you bring out Cardi B and Phoebe Bridgers two nights later at Madison Square Garden, you announced the date for the rescheduled show: March 2nd, 2025.


As someone who is not originally from Philadelphia, let alone the state of Pennsylvania, this makes me sad. Who’s to say where I will be living in two years from now, when I am no longer receiving an education at our fine establishment on 20th and Olney, nor any post-grad programs. 

So while I can never say I hate you, I can at the very least write you this anti-love letter that you will likely never read. As for the concert, if anyone in the Philadelphia area is interested in purchasing tickets for a concert that will take place in two frickin’ years, please email


Emily Allgair

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