La Salle University sets date for 10th annual Day of Giving 


Kylie McGovern, Editor 

Tuesday, March 21, will be La Salle’s 10th annual Day of Giving. This year, its goal is to help the University achieve the Charter Challenge, a single-year initiative to raise $10 million by May 31. The Day of Giving has a goal of raising $1 million in a single day. To encourage donations through social media, the University has created a social media tool kit with Downloadable Profile and Cover Photos, as well as sample social media posts. These sample posts are geared toward posting before, during and after the Day of Giving. An example of a post before the Day of giving is “@LaSalleUniv’s Day of Giving is fast approaching—Tuesday, March 21. We are calling on alumni, parents, and friends to support the university and its mission. Here’s how to make an impact:” An example post on the Day of giving is “Rise and shine, Explorers! Today is our 10th annual Day of Giving. I am eager to see all of those who help @LaSalleUniv raise gifts towards the Charter Challenge. Celebrate our 160th anniversary and support our students today:” Finally an example of a post for after the Day of Giving is “Explorers everywhere came together to inspire hope and make a difference on @LaSalleUniv’s 10th annual Day of Giving. I am grateful to be part of such a charitable and selfless community.” In addition to social media posts, the tool kit also provides an email sample. 

via La Salle University

On the Day of Giving in 2021, 1,753 people donated and raised $934,238. In 2022 the Day of Giving resulted in Gifts from more than 2,850 donors, which exceeded $1.3 million. In addition, La Salle University’s Charter Challenge was extremely successful on Giving Tuesday on Nov. 29, 2022, when La Salle raised a record-breaking number of donations at over $180,000 through 678 gifts.

The Day of Giving efforts will go towards an array of causes like the La Salle Fund for Student Scholarships, the President’s Strategic Initiative Fund, the Honors Program Scholarship Initiative, the School of Arts and Sciences Fund, the School of Business Fund, the School of Nursing and Health Sciences Fund and Explorer Fund for Athletics. These scholarships are especially important, considering the majority of La Salle students receive some type of scholarship or financial aid. Within the Lasallian mission, there is an air of inclusion. Many La Salle students see this inclusion through accessible and more affordable education, which can be accomplished through scholarships. The La Salle Fund focuses on helping La Salle maintain its mission of providing accessible and transformative education for students through scholarship and financial aid. Similarly, The 1863 Achievement Scholarship makes the gap between institutional funding and a student’s financial resources disappear. Donors will support an incoming first-year, resident student for all four years of their La Salle career. The charter challenge also seeks to raise funds for The Honors Program Scholarship Initiative which aims to attract and retain high-achieving students at La Salle University. The Day of Giving aims to directly support the study body, as well as the posterity of La Salle University. 

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