Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke: Pretzel Edition: Row Home Coffee, Philadelphia, PA


Claire Ortiz and Luke Szyszkiewicz, Staff Writers

via Claire Ortiz

It’s been a while since our last bagel review! We have been swamped with work recently and haven’t been able to travel around much for bagels. However, the other week, we found time to adventure down to Pine Street in Fitler Square, to a place recommended to us some time ago by our friend, Brett. Although what we got wouldn’t be considered a traditional bagel, it falls under the realm of breakfast sandwiches, and for that, we had to try it. 

Everyone we had talked to had seen pictures of this on Instagram, and we had to try it for ourselves: the Philly Pretzel Breakfast Sandwiches. With three different pretzel options (traditional, everything, and cinnamon sugar), and sandwich options (bacon, sausage, or pork roll), all with egg and cheese, we knew we were in for a real treat. Joining us for this trip were Claire’s sister and her husband, Audra and RP. They were jealous about all the bagels we had gotten to try over the last semester and wanted to join us for a trip. 

After making our way down, we each ordered our sandwich. I got a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything pretzel; Claire got a sausage, egg, and cheese on a cinnamon sugar pretzel; Audra ordered a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a traditional pretzel; and RP ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything pretzel. The first thing we noticed was these were pricier than most traditional sandwiches, running about $10 for the sandwich and then some more for coffee. Our total bill for the two of us came to about $30. Sadly, after receiving our order, we noticed that they had given my sandwich on the wrong pretzel. Instead of an everything, mine was traditional. Not to worry, though, it was still delicious!

The sausage on the sandwich, according to Claire, was slightly over-seasoned. I really enjoyed the bacon on mine. Overall, while it was delicious, the fact that they got my order wrong and some of our food was slightly over-seasoned takes some points off of it for us. It was also overpriced for what we got.  

We’d rate this one a 2.5/5, but an amazing novelty experience and something that we wouldn’t be upset about if we were to get again.

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