La Salle’s Masque takes the stage


Kylie McGovern, Editor

Mavericks performance via @themasqueoflasalle on instagram

On Friday, Feb. 10 and Saturday, Feb. 11, La Salle University’s student theater group The Masque took the stage to perform Mavericks which consisted of five one-act plays both written and produced by students. The one-act plays this year were titled “Jimmy,” “The Breakup,” “Clowning Around,” “America’s Next Top” and “Over the Top.” Elia Nash and Crystal Barkie produced the show and Adian Tyksinski, Edward Cosgrove, Izzy Hill, and Joe James all directed one-acts. In addition, to the directors and producers, Adian Brant, Dang Ngyuen, Kyla Renegar, Lee Bishop and Maria Hernandez-Pancesso. Mercury Foderson served as VP of Technical Affairs. The carpenters were Jack Wagner, Allie Ringsdorf and Joni DeFilippo. Izzy Hill and Nigist Legesse worked together on the lighting. Dominic Grillo worked on the sound. 

The Mavericks ranged in genre and content from show to show. “Jimmy” was a humorous and thrilling story about friends running into bigfoot. “The Breakup” was an emotional one-act play about the trials of a relationship with a hint of humor throughout. “Clowning Around,” “America’s Next Top” and “Over the Top” were hilarious enough to make the audience erupt in laughter throughout. 

The Masque’s productions are often at the same time as a Late Night La Salle event. These events often have snacks and games so many students both in the plays and audiences headed to enjoy some chocolate-covered strawberries after the show. 

In addition to Mavericks, the Masque performs monthly improv shows. There are a few improv shows on the calendar for Feb. 18, March 4, March 25 and April 1. All the improv shows begin at 7 p.m. Later on in the semester, the Masque will perform their spring play “Drinking Habits” on April 14. This play is about two religious nuns who secretly make alcohol, but two reporters are suspicious of their activities.  

Through all of these performances, The Masque of La Salle University aims to provide students with opportunities to experience the theatrical arts whether on stage, off stage or in the audience. The Masque is committed to various goals through their work. These goals include, service through the development of productions, education of its members about theater and developing an appreciation for it, and the development of the theater community.    

Editor’s Note: I want to extend congratulations to all those involved with the Masque. Your performances unite the student body and provide a unique form of entertainment that creates a sense of community. I look forward to future shows. 

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