Call Your Grandma


Emily Allgair, Editor

Call it a fluke in the system, but somehow I don’t have any classes on Mondays. So when I wake up on those mornings, I create a to-do list and try to accomplish most if not everything I write down as a means of starting the week off productively. Some Mondays, I accomplish more than others, especially if there was a heartbreaking game on the night before…

This morning as I was writing my list, I thought about my grandparents. I don’t know what sparked the mental image of them, but something deep within me wondered how are they? What are they up to? Still enjoying retirement?

And I likely already know these answers, as they always are answered the same way whenever I ask them, but it’s still nice to check in. And as nice as it is for me, it’s probably much nicer for them to hear from their granddaughter. 


Plus, grandparents are awesome. They have already lived a life greater than yours, so you might as well take advantage of their wisdom. Listen to their stories about their wacky book club conundrums or their grocery store anecdotes. Maybe grandpa had a crazy run-in with his nemesis and ended up besting him in front of a large crowd, you know, normal grandpa stuff. 

So sometime this week, whether you’re still coping with Sunday’s loss or planning a fun dinner with your loved one for Valentine’s, add calling your grandma to your to-do list. It will definitely brighten your day, and more importantly, it will brighten hers.

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