Emily Allgair, Editor

via The Wall Street Journal

Fair warning: this article is not an explicit call out. And by stating that, I hope you pick up on the fact that this absolutely is an explicit call out. 

If you are a plus one to a house party, as in someone who does not know the host(s), do not, under any circumstance, participate in the following:

1. Put your frat shoes on the kitchen counters where the hosts prepare their food.

Especially when coming from a frat, like those germs are fresh. These people are nice enough to let you into their home, just keep your shoes on the floor. 

2. Stay longer than the person that brought you when everyone else has left. 

If you’re vibing with everyone, that’s totally fine. But if you and your friends are hiding in the kitchen when literally everyone (I mean everyone) has left because it’s almost three in the morning and the hosts still don’t know your name, maybe you should have left with the person that brought you…

3. Take down house decor and physically pull it apart. 

This isn’t really cool in any circumstance, but especially not when you don’t know the people hosting and you aren’t in a frat house. 

4. Not introduce yourself.

At least ask someone that you didn’t come with what their names are. But if you’re not in the right mindset to do that, a nice attempt at a conversation could work instead. 

5. Ask for drinks that aren’t yours.

Again. These people don’t know your names, who are you to ask for a White Claw? Not even a cheaper drink, like a beer. Also, no one (not even the hosts) are drinking anymore. 

Moral of the story, stick with who brought you and read the room. If you can’t do that, maybe, and hear me out here, don’t come along? Just a thought. 

Oh, and thank the hosts for having you when you eventually do leave. It’s just polite.

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