Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke: Bagels and Bread House


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

Welcome back to Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke. This week, we took a trip just outside of city limits to the ‘burbs. Our bagel quest took us to Horsham. Just wanna give a quick shoutout to Joanna, weekly reader, and  my sister, for treating us to the bagels. 

This new spot, Bagels and Bread House, was a quaint little spot with such a cool vibe. We really enjoyed it. The everything bagel in particular was quite nice, and a little different than usual. Most everything bagels don’t include salt, this one did. I liked that a lot. I wish they had seasoned the bagels a bit more though. I, of course, got a bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel. Claire got a sausage egg and cheese on a poppy bagel, as usual. The filling of the sandwich was quite nice compared to others we’ve reviewed, but the bagel itself could have been just a little bit more seeded. Overall, we’re gonna give it a 3.75/5 Gritty’s. Comparing it to Trops, we enjoyed the filling here more, as well as the choices of bagels. Our best review yet! 

Tune in next week for our review of La Salle’s local breakfast place and fan favorite, Pauline’s Deli.

via Four Square

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