You’re not special, we lose every week



Welp, it’s another week of being an Explorer fan. At the beginning of the week I was excited for the busy schedule of games ahead of me. St Louis at Home, Lockhaven and Temple Away, and even a few lacrosse scrimmages. It looked good.

Keyword: LOOKED

Just like every other week, I watched these games full of passion, only to be ultimately disappointed again. The Women’s Soccer team started the game looking good, going up 1-0 early in the game, only for St Louis to overcome them 4-1. Men’s soccer seemed to stand a chance for the first half, but ultimately lost 3-1 to them. Field hockey was able to keep themselves in the game, go through double overtime, just to lose in a penalty shootout. With this week of games behind us, not a single team holds a winning record.

I now propose a new chant for our teams on campus: “You’re not special, we lose every week”

(See below for video)

It perfectly encompasses how we all feel about the teams that come to La Salle and feel like hotshots for beating us. “You’re not special, we lose every week” perfectly shows how self aware we are, while also chirping the opposing teams. I recommend everyone take up this chant, and help chant it during the upcoming losses that our sports teams will suffer. 

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