Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke: Treetops Edition


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

This week, Claire and I got bagels at the place closest to home: the Dining Hall. During Breakfast for Dinner Week, we were blessed with a night of build-your-own breakfast sandwiches, and we couldn’t turn it down.  It was practically BEGGING us to review. It derailed our original plans for the upcoming weekend, a trip to Pauline’s which will be reviewed soon!

Now, keep in mind we only rate things in terms of Gritty’s, the wackiest Philadelphia mascot. Our choices were bacon AND sausage (big points from Claire), eggs, and a few different cheeses that I don’t remember the name of. Anyway, I chose a bacon, egg, and cheese, OBVIOUSLY. They only had plain bagels though. SO sad. Claire got a sausage, egg, and cheese, and she loved it. We both added some maple syrup to the bagel, which is an homage to her favorite bagel place, which sadly is outside of the Greater Philadelphia Area, and won’t be reviewed (yet!). An honest review, from Luke, a 2 out of 5. The bagel itself was nothing to write about, but the filling was honestly delish, better than I expected. Claire gave it a 2.5! out of 5. She was ecstatic about the addition of sausage to the menu, and that bumped up the score for her. Overall, we’d rate it a 2.25/5 Gritties. Tune in next week for our review on Bagel and Bread House in Horsham, PA.

Via Emily Allgair

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