La Salle welcomes back students for the 2022-2023 school year


Kylie McGovern, Editor

La Salle Students on the Quad between classes via La Salle University 

On Aug. 25, La Salle University welcomed back residential students and kicked off Explorientation for freshmen and transfer students. Explorientation is an opportunity for these new students to settle into their new lives as Explorers by attending campus-wide activities, like Club Quad, soccer games, and performances at Dan Rodden Theater. In addition, new students spent the weekend learning important information related to their academic success, safety, wellness, and involvement on campus. This is the first Explorientation conducted 100% in person since 2019, so students truly had an opportunity to connect with and meet classmates and have some fun before the first day of classes.

On Saturday, Aug. 27th sophomores, juniors and seniors began to populate campus and the residence halls. A lively spirit filled 20th and Olney as students reunited with friends and said goodbyes to their families. In addition to the friendships that welcomed students back to school improvements in residence halls did as well including new furniture and necessary maintenance work, within St. Basil Hall, St. Teresa Court, and St. Miguel Townhouses. 

On Sunday, Father Frank welcomed students with the first mass of the year. After mass, President Dan Allen, faculty, and students gathered on the quad for a treat of water ice and pretzels. Classes began on Monday and students were greeted with changes around campus regarding a relocation of dining halls from the beloved Blue and Gold dining commons to Treetops Café which has not been enjoyed since prior to COVID. However, some students air their grievances, saying that the new location is “just B&G, but a further walk.” This location is prime for first-year students who are residing exclusively at south campus in Saint Basil and Neumann residence halls. 

On Thursday, Sept. 1st, La Salle hosted its involvement fair at the Trumark Financial Center which featured student organizations ranging from Greek Life to OLAS and everything in between. In addition to this, and new to the fair, on-campus jobs were also advertised. 

The second week of school continues welcome week activities with yoga, Stuff-a-Bear Kit activity, bingo, and improv 101. 

Editor’s note: We look forward to a happy, healthy,and successful year here at La Salle and we wish our readers the best of luck in their endeavors this semester. 

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