I had the chance to ask ‘Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ a few questions

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Jeriann Tripodi, Staff Writer

“Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness” is a worldwide famous singer-songwriter and pianist. McMahon has had success in the industry since the late nineties when he co-founded the pop-punk band “Something Corporate” with a high school friend. This band has released three studio albums. Their most successful song, “If You C Jordan,” was released off their first studio album. However, “Something Corporate” is also well-known for the songs “Space” and “Pop Punk Princess.”

After “Something Corporate” went on hiatus in the early 2000s, McMahon found success with the rock band “Jack’s Mannequin,” which he formed. “Jack’s Mannequin” released three studio albums, two of which entered the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. This rock band is best known for the hit songs “Dark Blue,” “The Mixed Tape” and “Swim.”

In 2014, McMahon found success as a solo artist under the moniker “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.” His self-titled debut album made it to the top 5 of the Billboard’s Alternative Albums chart. Its lead single, “Cecilia and the Satellite,” became a widely successful radio hit.

McMahon has since gone on tour with big names, such as “Weezer” and “Panic! At the Disco” as part of a 2016 summer tour. This past summer, McMahon has co-headlined a tour with rock band “Dashboard Confessional,” as well as opened for a few Billy Joel concerts.

McMahon has made numerous television appearances. He has performed on the late shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” “Last Call with Carson Daly” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” His music videos were played on “VH1’s Top 20 Countdown,” with one of his videos, “The Mixed Tape,” coming in at the number one spot in 2006. Also, McMahon appeared in an episode of “One Tree Hill.” He has also been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for the NBC musical drama “Smash.”

Adding to his many contributions, McMahon is also a published author. In 2021, McMahon released a memoir titled “Three Pianos: A Memoir,” which details the challenges and successes in his career and personal life.

McMahon has also been working on new music that he cannot wait to share with his fans. This past August, he premiered his new single “Stars” via Nettwerk. The meaningful lyrics reflect the beauty and pain that come with loving someone. 

I had the opportunity to ask Andrew McMahon several questions. I hope you enjoy our Q&A session:

Q (JERIANN): What can fans expect from your upcoming music?

A (ANDREW): We recorded all of these songs over three months and were able to spend so many hours living inside these arrangements. I think this is one of the most sonically exciting records I’ve made. Having so much time between this album and my last also made it possible to curate a batch of songs that I feel are very rich in subject matter. I haven’t been this excited to release music in a long time. 

Q (JERIANN): Growing up, which artists did you listen to that inspired you musically? 

A (ANDREW): I am the youngest of five kids in the 80’s and 90’s, so my older siblings’ music became my early inspiration. Artists like Tom Petty, R.E.M., U2, Neil Young, James Taylor, Madonna and Michael Jackson. As a piano player, I was all about Billy Joel and one of my earliest personal discoveries that steered a lot of my writing was Counting Crows.

Q (JERIANN): What advice would you give to aspiring young musicians? 

A (ANDREW): Make music because you love it, play and write constantly. Success can appear glamorous from the outside, but success in this business requires an insane amount of hard work and if you don’t love the work it’s a thankless road. 

Check out the official Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness website for updates and more music information!

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