Is that Fergie? 


Claire Kunzier, Editor

The other day at work, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie played from a TikTok via my co-workers phone. My other co-worker had no idea who sang the aforementioned song, but he knew the LaDaDaDaaaaaaaa part which was enough to lead us to the identity of the song and the realization that people don’t know Fergie quite as well as I do. So, today we are here to clarify some things about Ms. Fergalicious herself, based on the things my co-workers said as they tried to identify her.

Yes. Fergie, as in Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and she does sing in addition to rap. No, not Beyonce. Beyonce probably would kill it singing “Big Girls Don’t Cry” but she has never publicly sang the song, just Fergie. Why are you remembering the song now? Because it is trending on TikTok for multiple different trends. 

The first trend uses this verse: “Yes you can hold my hand if you want to, cause I want to hold yours too.” 

The second trend uses this verse: “We’ve got some straightening out to do”

The third trend uses this verse: “I hope you know, that this has nothing to do with you.”

All are iconic lines delivered by Fergie in her song, although some of the trends are not as popular as the other depending on what your FBI agent has chosen for you. In addition to the trending verses, Jack Harlow sampled another Fergie song, “Glamorous,” which is also now trending because of how influential the original is and how the sample will be almost as iconic when it comes out. 

Now that why you are remembering Fergie is out of the way, you should know and or remember these Fergie songs and iconic moments:

  1. She was in the Black Eyed Peas and was on all of their most iconic songs such as “I Gotta Feeling,” “Meet Me Halfway,” “Pump It” and “Where is the Love.” 
  2. Her 2000s solo music: all bops. Highly suggest you go and listen to her 2006 album “The Duchess” and feel the childhood. 
  3. Her comeback music also isn’t the worst and has some bops such as “LA Love.”
  4. She has been involved in some of the most iconic pop culture moments such as:
  • Her marriage to Josh Duhamel 
  • Her eyebrow piercing 
  1. She is the only reason I know how to spell GLAMOROUS 

“G-L, A-M, O-R, O-U-S.” — “Glamorous” By Fergie

She literally shaped your childhood from the years 2003 to 2012 and middle schools continue to play “I Gotta Feeling” at every function. This pop culture icon deserves better and that’s on that. 

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