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Jeriann Tripodi, Editor

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Welcome to the funny world of entertainment. The following news includes goofy highlights of celebrities, television and music this week.


            One recent college graduate’s personalized cap went viral and caught the attention of many people, including rapper Post Malone. The young graduate designed her cap by gluing on a picture of the rapper alongside the words “POSTPONE MALOAN,” suggesting in a comedic way that she wants her college student loan postponed. Post Malone shared this image. He announced that he is randomly selecting 50 winners who tweet “#POSTPONEMALOAN” and will pay off their student loans. 


“Da Bachelor” dumps both women because he has fallen in love with himself

            The hit ABC reality show “Da Bachelor” has aired its season finale and fans were very surprised by the dramatic and unexpected ending. The two final women were separately driven to a cliff where they would meet the leading man. The first woman arrives, but leaves with a broken heart. It is then presumed that the second woman will be chosen. However, she is also eliminated. The leading man announces that he cannot propose to either woman because he loves someone else more: himself. He shared that he is ready to fully commit to himself and is grateful to spend the rest of his life with “the only homie I can really trust.”

Entertainment Weekly

Today marks 14 years since “I Kissed a Squirrel” was released

            It has been 14 years since the pop song “I Kissed a Squirrel” by singer Paty Kerry has made its radio debut. The song became an instant hit due to its unique title and lyrics. In an interview, Kerry shared the deep meaning behind the lyrics by explaining that she wrote this song about a squirrel who kept pestering her while she was gardening. One day, while the furry lad made his daily rounds destroying her plants, Kerry obnoxiously sang this new song out loud. The pest got frightened and never came back because he thought she “caught feelings.” After this hit song, which was the first hit for Kerry, she has released other chart-topping successes, such as “Hot N Old,” “California Squirrels” and “E.T. Phone Home.”

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