Emily Allgair, Staff

Header Image: CNN

Apple needs to stop changing their chargers. I got a new phone over winter break, which was already expensive enough, and then as I was checking out, the worker was like “you should probably get the new charger, too.” New charger? It’s the same charging port so how is there a new cord, you ask? Simple. it no longer goes into a USB-A port but a USB-C port. Like what does that mean? I get that it is a quick cash grab to be like “Oh, your phone’s battery life will be impacted if you use the old charging block.” That is really annoying. And Apple is constantly pulling this kind of stuff. From EarPods switching to AirPods and now this. When does it end? When will the need to stay updated with the current technology market stop being exploited? Will it ever? Now, I can’t even borrow my roommates’ chargers if I need them. Otherwise my battery will drain, or so I was told. Although that may not sound like an immediate problem, I just got a new, fairly expensive, phone and should not have to sacrifice the ‘better battery life’ just to be able to charge it. And I know that this is such a first-world problem, but all I’m saying is that if Steve Jobs were still here, he would be proud of his company yet sad for humanity, and I stand by that statement.

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