PA winter fashion staples


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I understand and respect the drip of waking up and throwing on anything to prevent the cold from ruining one’s day. Monday, before waking up at 7 a.m. for my lovely 8 a.m. shift, I thought that I would wear jeans and try a little for the first day of the week. Now imagine me waking up to 10 degree weather that early. I wore leggings, a La Salle sweatshirt and my trusty UGG boots, fully showing up to campus bringing back a common high school fit for Claire. The outfit itself is not uncommon for PA cold, so I thought I’d highlight some outfit choices that match post-winter-break, freezing cold and painfully-waking-up energy. 

  1. UGGS

You know them, you love them, any form of UGG; boot, slipper, shoe etc. A solid choice for all, the not-animal-friendly clothing and shoe brand really does make the best shoe for not caring and just wanting to be warm. In addition, their clothes usually are rather good for the cold weather. 

We don’t like Shia but his pic works
  1. Hoodie jacket combo 

Now it’s cold cold, but that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer with your puffer jammed behind your back during class. The hoodie and jacket — North Face, Patagonia or whatever light jacket brand you prefer — is a solid way to be warm enough without the lack of arm movement and excess chest heat.

  1. Beanies/Hats

All rise the Carhartt hat people who broke that jawn out in October and have worn it every day since. Has it been washed? None of my business, but maybe you should just throw it in with your next load. Hats don’t look good on me, but maybe I’ll break one out on a particularly cold day. The only negatives with any headwear is head sweat and hat hair, so just make sure you’re not going to be doing anything hot or taking your hat off at all. 

  1. Dishonorable mention: shorts

“Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did” — “Better than Revenge” by Taylor Swift 

  1. High socks

No one should ever roast your socks, because once your toes are numb and your ankles burn, there’s no saving the rest of your body warmth. 

I’m sure that other states also wear these articles of clothing, but it’s also PA and we don’t really care, so yeah. 

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