Emails; the 10th circle of hell


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

As a public relations major, learning how to write emails is like half of every class and the other half is sending those emails. I am just kidding, even though emails are a vital part of PR, we learn other things……if you circle back to me in a week I’ll tell you what those things are. 

HAHA, funny, yeah yeah, emails suck. 

There is no good time to get an email and while the content might not always be horrid, the vibe is just incorrect. Receiving an email is like when you order your Starbucks through the app and they tell you it’s ready and it’s not, they’re just missing 90 percent of what you ordered (no shade). Yeah, not excited about that part of my career path, but hey it could be worse. I could tell people I’m a business major. 

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