Why David O’Brien and Enrique Carrasco are best friends again


Enrique Carrasco, Editor and David O’Brien, Managing Editor

Header Image: Dave and Enrique listening to the same music (Note Enrique’s new cool piercings, they’re super cool, someone should tell him how cool they are and how he should get hoops)

“David and I understand each other so well, he’s like my own personal therapist late at night when we’re in our living room watching ‘Regular Show.’ Although Dave still uses my sink, he is allowed because he is actually really cool. Dave got me to drink a lot more milk than I ever did before, and at the same time he drinks more milk than he ever did before. Dave and I are LITERALLY the same person frfr. Dave and I have this cool picture with one of our roommates, V, where we are literally sharing a 64 oz. pitcher (of milk), it is pretty cool I’m not gonna lie. Dave has a pretty good taste in music, and Dave is an overall pretty cool guy. Although we sometimes fight, we always make up with ‘Regular Show’ and milk. Dave is about the grind, and he works hard day and night to achieve all of his goals, which is honestly something you HAVE to respect. Honestly, overall, Dave is a pretty stand up guy, someone has to wife him up. I am glad I chose David as a roommate.” -Enrique Carrasco, Editor

“Enrique and I hang out all the time, we both introduce each other to our friend groups and even if it’s a little awkward sometimes, at the end of the day we both have a lot of fun and enjoy meeting new people. Enrique finally got his own pair of shoes, and honestly even if he didn’t, I would lend him my shoes because hey what’s the big deal, it’s really not that deep and frankly if you aren’t willing to lend stuff to your friends, maybe you should reevaluate your friendship. Enrique constantly hops on aux and he always plays good music, seriously it’s kind of impressive his playlist is pretty good. Enrique used to bring up how he wanted to get earrings and I was like bro if you want them just get them, then he finally got them and I was really happy to hear about it, like damn bro good for you. They look really good. He’s honestly a real one and if you see him, keep that in mind. Even though Enrique and I occasionally argue over stupid stuff, at the end of the day we’re both pretty similar, agree on a lot of things, and understand what’s going on. Enrique and I are good pals for a variety of reasons and at the end of the day, he’s a cool guy and I’m happy to call him not just my roommate but also one of my best friends.” -David O’Brien, Managing Editor

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