Claire Kunzier, Editor

Header Image: Acme

Hi, my name is Claire and I cannot whistle. When I was a kid, frick yeah I could whistle, then I got braces and they messed with my mouth and now, nothing. That’s a lie. I can “whistle,” but it’s basically a dog whistle, high pitched and barely audible. This is the largest piece of ammo my siblings have against me because all six of them can whistle and rub it in my face whenever they want. It’s gotten so bad that I have been practicing other ways to whistle just so they stop dissing my lack of ability to create sound with my mouth. YOU KNOW IT’S HARDER THAN YOU THINK FLO RIDA, SOMETIMES YOU CAN’T “JUST PUT YOUR LIPS TOGETHER” SOMETIMES PEOPLE CAN’T DO IT. Also, Ik his song is not actually about whistling okay, thanks. You know what they say “nobodys perfect. I gotta work it, again and again till I get it right.” -Hannah Montana 

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