Halloween Party Fouls


Claire Kunzier, editor 

I’ve been to lots of parties — some good, some bad and a handful of REALLY BAD. The party etiquette is lost on some people, but here are a few things you can do to avoid total party fouls this spooky season. 

  1. Don’t take anyone’s stuff

Just be prepared and bring your own stuff or reach out to someone, whatever. Just don’t assume that whoever you’re involved with is going to be supplying shit for you in any way. The biggest party foul is to piss someone off by taking what’s not yours. 

  1. Creepy upperclassman 

One of the few things underclassmen have to deal with, which sucks, is a creep who’s looking to hu and doesn’t get that they shouldn’t. The biggest party foul an upperclassman can do is to creep on someone and ruin the vibe for not just who they’re creeping on, but the other people around them. Just don’t do it because it really sucks.

  1. Cherish your goods

I’m going to say this once, DO NOT BLOW AIR THROUGH IT WHEN IT’S CLOSE TO YOUR MOUTH. Pay attention to what you’re doing and don’t spill/drop anything that is worth value within the night.

  1. No one is your mom. 

You’re away from your parental figure. You only have friends around, don’t treat them like they’re your parent because they’re not. 

  1. Dress comfortably

Obviously, participate in Halloween, just don’t wear the heels out and wear things that won’t hurt after an hour. A hoe never gets cold, but a hoe can fall and break her ankle in some heels. 

Yeah so there are lots of party fouls that can happen, just pay attention and aim for the toilet bowl and you’ll be good. 

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