Review: “You” season three

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Jeriann Tripodi, Editor

*Article Contains Heavy Spoilers*

            On Oct. 15., the highly anticipated third season of the drama series, “You,” premiered on Netflix. After almost two years since the previous season aired, fans, including myself, were very eager to see how life would play out for serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) now that he is a husband and father. Briefly recapping the main parts of season two, the New York native moves to Los Angeles for a fresh start after murdering his girlfriend. He soon meets aspiring chef and produce manager, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). Joe and Love end up dating, and it is soon revealed that she is also a killer, as she murders two women romantically linked to Joe. Then a fallout occurs between the pair, and Joe almost murders Love before she blurts out that she is pregnant. Not only does Joe spare Love’s life, but he marries her. The season then ends as the new family moves to the suburbs. Here, Joe becomes obsessed with his female neighbor.

            Now, I will provide a quick recap of season three, which I watched within 24 hours. Do not continue to read if you do not want spoilers. After moving to an upper class suburban area, the new parents lose spark within their marriage and end up cheating on each other. Joe becomes flirtatious with his female neighbor, Natalie. However, Love quickly catches on and murders Natalie after luring her into a basement. After breaking the news to her husband, Joe gets rid of the body. Natalie then makes the news as a missing woman and a large search party takes place. However, instead of laying low, Love continues to go on a violent rampage. Her next victim is a father named Gil. She is angry with Gil because his unvaccinated daughters gave her newborn son the measles. After Gil’s death, Joe and Love frame him for Natalie’s murder. Although Love and Joe believe they are in the clear, they get terrified when Natalie’s husband, Matthew, opens up an investigation because he does not believe Gil was the true killer. Not only does this cause more fights between the couple, but Love decides to pretend she is interested in Matthew’s son, Theo, in order to find out information. However, Love starts to develop feelings for Theo, but is quick to call things off. Meanwhile, Joe falls in love with his new boss, Marienne, and pursues her. Joe keeps this hidden from his wife, and lies to Marienne by telling her that he is getting a divorce. Then things get intense towards the finale when Love confronts Marienne and convinces her to stay away from her husband. Love also poisons Joe. However, Joe surprises Love when he announces that he was aware of her motive all along. He then kills her. After burning their house down, Joe flees to Paris because that is where Marienne moved to. Every day, he waits and hopes he will run into her.

            After watching season three of “You,” I was left in pure amazement. I was amazed at the storyline and how excellent it was in holding my attention. It made me want to see more, even after the season concluded. This season was very easy to binge due to its well-executed plot that will really keep the viewer on their toes with the action, and will make them scream out at their screen when the unpredictable twists occur. Fans will be pleased to see that Joe stays faithful to the same obsessive personality that he has been known for since the first season. Not only is main character Joe likeable in a disturbing way, all of the characters have likeable traits even though they are troubled. In fact, I am certainly going to miss Love. The actress who played her character (Pedretti) put on a great performance. As for the next season, I cannot wait to see what will happen in Paris. “You” is now streaming on Netflix and is for a mature audience.

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