Talking shit.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Don’t be a liar. You talk shit. I talk shit. I’m sure the brothers speak about people while they’re not involved within the conversation. Everyone does it. As a senior in college, I have learned that if you do talk about people when they’re not there it can either be left in a vault of privacy or you’re gonna get a text calling you out, it’s just the fax, not printer. The best way to deal with the drama is to just own up to it because you did it, there’s always witness, you can’t talk shit without another person. Your response to getting called out shows your maturity level and if you try to lie and pretend that you didn’t or try to throw someone else under the bus, your shit talking card will be revoked in my book. I will never share my knowledge and/or my opinions with you ever again if I know you threw someone under the bus to get the attention off of yourself. I do think that while it sucks to have people talking about it behind your back, maybe take their words with a grain of salt and a bit of interest into what is truthful. I heard through the grapevine, a couple people deep, that I am intimidating. Do I want to be standoffish or intimidate people or intentionally try to act that way? Of course not, but I have been and now I know that I need to pay attention to the fact that I just am intimidating to some people and maybe should change some of the actions I do. Also, just because someone is talking to someone else about a third party, it doesn’t mean there is malicious intent, it could mean a lot of things. It could be that the person is just frustrated and needs to let out some of their feelings to someone else. They could need to communicate how they feel to figure out the best way to have a conversation with the person they are talking about and not to. There can be a plethora of non-malicious intentions for talking shit and I stand by personally not being mad at others for doing them. Now, if you are malicious, maybe look at yourself and figure out why, especially if there is no reason to be shit talking that person. You could just not like them, which is a bit of a reason, but you need a little more reasoning to talk shit than just because. In any shit talking, if there is malicious intent and no specific reasoning, just admit that you are a shitty person. Shit talking is the way that I deal with all the shit I have thrown at me on a daily basis. I confide in my friends and sometimes I share too much with people that I don’t trust enough and it bites me in the ass. Oh well. I’ll never deny any true shit talking I’ve done, but I don’t condone being a shitty person and maliciously shit talking people for no reason. You always gotta have a good reason for opening up a can of worms or else they’ll get everywhere, especially if you don’t pay attention. 

P.S. Talking to your mom is shit talking.

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