Ruby from ‘Sex Education’ deserves better.


Editor, Claire Kunzier 

The third season of Netflix’s hit show “Sex Education” came out recently and is overall well-liked by viewers and critics. I watched it the day it came out and am rewatching it with my roommate, leading me to one really strong opinion. Ruby. Deserves. Better. The classic “head mean bitch who runs the school” trope takes a turn with Ruby Matthews. During season one, and most of two, Ruby was just that: a mean bitch. However, towards the end of the second season she actually has some character development, wow, amazing right? If you don’t want spoilers why are you even reading this? Go away. Anyway, Otis, after believing Maeve hated him and doesn’t want to fix their weird will they, won’t they relationship, starts having a no strings, mutual, fuck-buddies relationship with Ruby. Not bad, his own life and nobody’s getting hurt. Ruby is still depicted as her mean, bitchy self in the beginning but, slowly, as the season goes on she becomes someone we must protect and serve, while still being iconically bitchy. It starts with the little things; she publicly goes out with Otis, she stops trying to change him, they get into a real relationship and they are good for each other and she opens up a lot. This is a huge development for her because her social status at school leads her to believe everything about her must be perfect and she hides the imperfect things from everybody, even her closest friends. Yet she shares them with Otis, letting him into the most private aspects of her life. In their relationship, he just treated her like a decent human and made her actually feel good about herself and secure in her relationship. Now, this is controversial, but I don’t think Otis is the bad guy in the relationship as a whole and how their relationship ended for many reasons. They broke up because Ruby said “I love you,” in my opinion, pretty quickly and Otis didn’t want to say it back due to the fact that he wasn’t ready to. It was better that he was honest with her than pretending he felt the same, which would’ve been a really shitty thing to do especially when he still had feelings for Maeve. Now, Otis did think Maeve hated him and they never did anything when he and Ruby were in a relationship, but they did act wayyyyyyy too close to when the couple broke up. It just makes Ruby think she didn’t mean anything to Otis, and while she did mean a lot to him, the whole situation just sucks for her. If season four doesn’t do her dirty and doesn’t treat Ruby the way she deserves, I will lead a riot. Shawty is a really good person who’s just going through a lot and has a lot of walls up that she would let down if people treated her better. Yeah, if you can’t tell, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. So. Um. Fuck Ola, she actually is the biggest dickhead. ❤

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