Hello caffeine addiction and minor insomnia. 


Editor, Claire Kunzier 

Tis the season for school to really just kick your ass. Aw yes, I am talking about the point where professors start assigning real homework, projects and exams all at the same time, amazing, right? As a communication major, I do have it easier than a decent chunk of other majors, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t suck. I’ve spent that past month doing very little, just vibing, and now I have to actually do work outside of my hour and fifteen minute class period. Weekends are meant for relaxing and resetting, but now there’s neither relaxing nor resetting, just working and stressing. I would like to continue to work on my Minecraft world after my long day of classes and to live a stress free evening, BUT I CANNOT. I am honestly unsure how nursing and science majors do this for four years, I have like two assignments due per week and I feel overworked. How can you do what you do? I am amazed and horrified at your skill, but I also understand the fuel to your drive to coffee and late nights, just pay attention to your heart rhythm please. I will watch your struggle and pretend I can relate. 

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