Why are concert tickets so expensive?


Editor, Claire Kunzier 

SO, Harry Styles is currently on tour for his album “Fine Line” and just made his stop in Philadelphia. If you didn’t know that, then you obviously haven’t been on any social media platform over the weekend. Mr. Styles put on an amazing show and spoke many kind words about the beloved WAWA, but what caught my eye was the price of the tickets to said show. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending money and going to concerts, I just don’t think tickets over $75 are worth it. Spending hundreds of dollars to watch a person run around a stage for two hours, most likely sober because everything is expensive for no reason, just isn’t where it’s at. I respect everyone’s choice to go. Again, I love spending money, but I’m gonna save my ticket money for when Stevie Nicks tours again and then I’ll shell out however much I need to just to be in the Supremes presence.

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