Why are class discussions actually “Fight Club?”


Editor, Claire Kunzier 

The 1999 film, which stars Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, shows what happens when men with lots of testosterone decide to fight for fun. In the 2021 school year, after being physically separated from your classmates for a year and a half, people are ready to fight and argue at the drop of a hat. What connects this school year to the movie, is that these fights happen in specific areas and people normally don’t talk about them outside of the event. What I am saying is that instead of men fighting in a basement, it’s college kids, in a circle around their classroom arguing during their in class discussion. Friendships are thrown out the door when your grade and pride is on the line during these discussions. Professors are there to watch and prevent any true fight, but they just sit and watch people tear one-another apart for shits and giggles. Once you leave the classroom, this is not a conversation that people really have unless you have friends in your class; simply this is because no one who wasn’t there will understand what happened. But, “what happens in fight club, stays in fight club” so when you get ripped apart by the quiet kid during your class discussion, keep it to yourself. The only thing I wish discussion had that “Fight Club” has is Brad Pitt in his prime. 

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